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My name is Dave Winer.

When I designed Radio2, I aimed to create the thinnest possible blogging tool, one that did the least possible and still was useful. Simple yet useful, and usable.

It's for short-form blogging, the kind of stuff we do in Twitter. You're looking at a web page, and you think "I want to remember this, or share this." One click on the Bookmarklet, quick -- you're still in the flow of what you were doing.

The goal was to create something that has the ease of Twitter, with the open potential of blogging. There are tradeoffs, some things that Twitter will always do bette, because they are an all-in-one, centralized system. But there are also many things Radio2 can do that Twitter can't, because we aren't protecting a business model.

The goal is to create a new and thriving ecosystem, where there's lots of choice, and lots of innovation.

Read on, I'll explain how we're doing it.

Tour of the user interface Permalink to this headline.

First, here are a few interesting facts about the user interface of Radio2, in graphic form. Click on the pic for a bigger view.

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It's all about your feed Permalink to this headline.

Sure we create an HTML version of your stream of links and ideas, but you probably won't use it very much. These days, it's about the feed, dummy. (To paraphrase a politician's slogan.) Your feed can hook you in everywhere. So the goal of Radio2 is to help you with your feed.

Think of it this way: On the net, your feed is you.

BTW, here's my feed.

Where to get an account Permalink to this headline.

This is an unusual piece of software for this day and age. Yes, I am running a server but I'm not going to offer many people accounts on my server. Instead, I've set up an easy way for people to run their own servers on Amazon EC2 and soon, other cloud services. There are already people running their own.

The goal is to build a distributed network here. If I gave everyone an account on my server, not only wouldn't I have a life, but I wouldn't achieve the goal. So finding a place to run your Radio2 feed is going to be problematic at first. But not so much as we go forward, I hope.

How to begin Permalink to this headline.

I command you to install the Bookmarklet!! smile

Trust me -- you want it. It makes the whole thing work so much better.

Then when you're traveling around the web, and see something you want to share with other Radio2 users, or just remember yourself, click the bookmarklet, maybe add a comment, and click Submit, and go back to what you were doing.

Click the Bookmarklet command in the middle of the menubar and follow the easy instructions. It's hard to miss. smile

Set up TwitterFeed Permalink to this headline.

If you want to share your ideas and links with people follow you on Twitter, please go to TwitterFeed or a similar service, and hook your feed up to Twitter. That's how I post links to Twitter these days.

You can find out where your feed is in the Links command at the top of the page in Radio2.

What else? Permalink to this headline.

I'm looking to the users of Radio2 to tell me what I need to tell people to get started.

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